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the Civica family

at Civica we often say that we are just one [insert your own adjective ie. big, happy, weird, crazy…] family. we had a happy civica family occasion today and that was to attend the wedding reception of our FIRST CIVICA MARRIAGE!

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Pic-of-the-Week: iPhone 5 and beyond

Since the release of iPhone 5, this picture image has been going viral all over the Internet (at least with the Chinese netizens) and I did have a good laugh when I first saw it. Entertaining to say the least.

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How well do you ‘Know Your Country?’

Here I am!!! All set to get the ball rolling and introduce you to some of the exciting library programmes being envisioned, developed and run by Civica’s Programmes Team.

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Civica Programme for Schools

Around the world, libraries are transforming into community spaces where learning can be enriching and fun. For us in Civica, the library should thrive on change – it is a place where people interact, learn and share.

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is this the most uninteresting photo on wordpress today?

quite possibly it is to you – it’s just like any construction site. but to some of us it’s the most exciting thing ever.  the pile of dirt you see behind the fence is where the sports hub library will stand, right in … Continue reading

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Teachers are heroes

01 September is Teachers’ Day (school holiday) in Singapore and most schools would have celebrated Teachers’ Day on the eve. The Ministry of Education’s announcement on 31st August  that Teachers (and education support staff) to get pay increase of up to … Continue reading

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Pic-of-the-Week – Self Illumination

This is really an awesome piece of art!!! Well done, Andre Kutscherauer. The German computer graphic artist has won many awards in his field and I am really looking forward to more of his work. Not only is the image … Continue reading

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Envisioning emerging technologies for 2012 and beyond

Having a hard time keeping abreast with technological development and wished that you have a crystal ball in front of you?

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Infographic – The world of mobile phones

Here are two infographics that give different perspectives about the mobile world. Without much doubt, it is a market that will take a long while for us to see any sign of saturation in the horizon.

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Happy Birthday Singapore!

We took a quick break from our work yesterday to take part in a pre National Day photoshoot. It’s Singapore’s 47th  birthday today so we’re taking the day off to  spend time with family and friends.

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